Welcome to Nazli School Of Technology

Why choose us?

Nazli school of technology is a newly established online school platform to provide students around the world with the necessary practical skills, technical skills and knowledge to achieve their desired goals in the field of computer science.

Our Objectives

NazliĀ“s school of technology co-founders Dr.Nazha Habibi and Engr.Alisia Habibi decided to create this e-school platform focusing solely on computer science to motivate students around the world into choosing the field of computer science as a career or pathway to other professions.

Rare Course Packages

We offer different computer science courses to different age groups starting from the primary level all the way to the advanced level. We also provide computer science exam prep courses that focus on the IGCSE and IB computer science curriculums. These different computer science course packages are offered at an affordable price for our future student clients around the world.

Our Motto

We believe that creativity, intuition, astuteness, and logic are thunderbolts that spark endless innovations in the minds of future Computer Scientists.