Course Packages We Offer

High level programming languages course package

We provide students with the opportunity to learn different high level programming languages that are in much demand for different job prospects. Each of these programming languages are taught over a period of three months, which are offered as three month course packages. We are the only online technology school that provides students with the opportunity to learn different high level programming languages using an effcient and dynamic learning style at a very affordable price. The programming language course packages that Nazli offers are listed below here.

Professional website development course package

Would you like to learn how to create esthetic, professional, and fully functional websites that are connected to a back-end database? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here at the Nazli online technology school we provide a reasonable and fully equipped course package for creating professional looking websites. This course package is taught by a well experienced software engineer following an easy and effective methodology. You will learn how to develop user friendly and fully functional websites in no time using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP plus establishing connections with a database using structured query language(SQL).

Intensive IGCSE/IB Computer Science course & exam preparation

Are you having difficulty understanding the IB or IGCSE computer science curriculums? Do you need help in getting ready for the final exams in any of these two curriculums so you can excel in your final results? The Nazli online tech school´s team of educators provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in the IB or IGCSE computer science course.